Position Title:                     VOLUNTEER PROGRAM COORDINATOR

Supervisor:                          Operations Director

Department:                        Operations

Position Classification:     Full-time

Prepared By:                       Human Resources

The Volunteer Program Coordinator position is an opportunity through the AmeriCorp VISTA (Volunteers in Service To America) program. This full-time, one year commitment  submerges an individual in the community health care environment.  The coordinator will establish, manage and evaluate the volunteer system for the health center which will ultimately expand the reach of its existing health center programs.  This individual will be responsible for recruiting appropriate volunteer(s) to match programmatic needs of each existing program.


Demonstrate competence in program development by using one’s ability to organize, plan and create solutions. The coordinator must be a great communicator with the ability to speak, listen and write clearly using appropriate and effective communication tools and techniques.  This individual must lead by positively influencing others to achieve programmatic goals that are in the best interest of the organization.  Technical skills should include proficiency in Word processing, spread sheets, email and internet.

We are looking for people who are:

  • Flexible
  • Committed
  • Improvement focused
  • Team focused
  • Fun
  • Curious
  • Relationship focused
  • Listeners who relate with people
  • Have a whole-person view

Charleston Practice – Full Time


  • researching and writing volunteer policies and procedures, including risk assessments;
  • recruiting volunteers to understand how they work, develop partnerships and assess their volunteering needs;
  • generating appropriate volunteering opportunities and role descriptions based on the needs of the organization
  • raising staff awareness of the role and the function of volunteers;
  • ensuring there is appropriate support and training for volunteers;
  • promoting volunteering (internally and externally) through recruitment and publicity strategies and campaigns;
  • interviewing and recruiting volunteers and ensuring they are appropriately matched and trained for a position;
  • monitoring, supporting, motivating and accrediting volunteers and their work;
  • evaluating the volunteers and their experience with the organization
  • Please note:  this job description is not designed to cover a comprehensive list of duties or responsibilities that are required for this position.  Duties and responsibilities may change


  • AmeriCorp Vista participants must be U.S. citizens, nationals, or lawful permanent resident aliens age 18 and older. Members receive a modest living allowance. Members who serve for a year also receive limited health benefit options, childcare, if needed, and other benefits.  To learn more, click here.


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