Migrant Outreach Program Services at Fetter Health Care Network | Fetter Health Care Network

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As a community health center, Fetter Health Care Network is devoted to providing reliable and accessible quality care to all within our Lowcountry community. This is a commitment we live and breathe by and one that extends to long-time residents, as well as those with a temporary residence. As migrant and seasonal agricultural workers (MSAW) pass through our area, Fetter is proud to support these hardworking men and women with reliable Migrant Outreach services.

Fetter Migrant Outreach Services

Our team of health care professionals provides primary and preventative health services for seasonal farm workers and their families at various migrant outreach camps located throughout Charleston and Colleton counties. 

As with our network, our migrant outreach camps were established to break down barriers to care for the underserved. This program helps to ensure that anyone and everyone can receive the care they need without fear of extreme medical bills.

Scheduled visits for a variety of Fetter services can be made any health center locations throughout peak growing seasons. Available services include:

  • Case Management
  • Health assessments
  • Follow-Ups
  • Referrals
  • Translations

Fetter is here for everyone.

If you are a migrant Lowcountry worker, our team is here to support you! Contact us today at 843-722-4112 to learn more about Fetter’s Migrant Outreach Program, and visit us online to schedule an appointment at your nearest Fetter location.