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When you or a loved one is ill, your biggest concern should be recovery. Unfortunately, the biggest concern for many people is how they are going to pay for their medical care. 

With so many people struggling financially, community health centers try to provide feasible payment options for patients. At Fetter Health Care Network, one option is a sliding fee scale.

What Is a Sliding Fee Scale?

A sliding fee scale refers to adjustable pricing for products or services. With this type of model, prices can change depending on an individual’s ability to pay. 

When a medical facility offers a sliding fee scale, they allow patients to pay whatever they can afford for services. This gives patients with low incomes the ability to pay very little for necessary medical services. It also allows uninsured patients to seek the medical care they need without fear of the expense involved.

Sliding scale fee systems are very common at community health centers. They are typically offered at federally qualified health centers (FQHCs) around the country. 

Patients are typically required to fill out an application before they are able to use sliding scale fees. The application process requires proof of income and household size.

What Are the Benefits of a Sliding Fee Scale?

In terms of medical care facilities, sliding fee scales are beneficial in numerous ways to the patients and their providers. Below are just a few of the ways that sliding scale fee systems benefit the health care system and community.

Patients Are More Likely to Seek Medical Care

One of the biggest reasons that people avoid necessary medical care is the cost. With sliding fee scales, patients don’t have to worry about whether they can pay their medical bills or not. Patients without health insurance don’t have to avoid the doctor because they cannot afford a bill.

Clinics Can Help More Patients

When medical care is affordable, more people will seek it out. With sliding fee scale options, more patients visit their local health centers for treatment. This gives providers the ability to help people resolve their medical needs in a prompt manner, avoiding larger issues for the patient and the local community.

The Community Becomes Healthier Overall

A community is only as healthy as the people within it. When people are not getting the proper medical care because they cannot afford it, the community suffers as a whole. Sliding fee scales help more people to receive necessary medical care, which leads to healthier communities overall.

Affordable Payment Options at Fetter Health Care Network

Along with countless other FQHCs around the country, Fetter offers sliding fee scale pricing. If you are in need of sliding scale options, please fill out an application or contact a Fetter location near you. Our case management staff members are here to personally meet with you and find the best solution for you to receive the excellent care you need.