How does case management affect my health care? | Fetter Health Care Network

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At Fetter Health Care Network, we know that the individual needs of our patients are as unique as they are and we have created a diverse portfolio of services to meet the needs of the individuals we serve here in the Lowcountry. However, there may be times when personal factors impact your health or your ability to seek treatment.   

We understand that the factors surrounding our patients’ lives are never one and the same. Fetter’s Case Management Services were created with this problem in mind. The needs of our patients are as unique as they are, and Fetter is working to get them the care and services they need. 

Case Management Services makes health care simple.

Together with our case management team, Fetter strives to remove the social, physical and economic barriers to receiving affordable, comprehensive health care. Our case management team can assist patients with:

Scheduling Patient Visits

Regular health care visits are essential to living a happy and healthy life. Aside from annual wellness visits, patients should see their providers for regular screenings (blood pressure, breast cancer and more). Fetter makes the scheduling process simple. Working with our patients, a member of our case management team can assist in scheduling appointments for various services if the individual is unable to do so themselves.

Case management teams provide value to our customers by helping them coordinate provider care. By working with patients to uncover their needs and barriers to health care, case managers educate patients and ensure they navigate care services in a way that is most effective for their care and efficient for the entire health care system.

Help with Health Insurance 

Case management team members are available to assist patients with medical insurance or those interested in getting a plan. Those without health insurance coverage are still able to be treated at all Fetter Health Care Network locations.

More often than not, the medical insurance landscape can seem overwhelming to the average person, but Fetter’s case management staff is specially trained to operate in this field. Knowledgeable team members can help patients sign up for health coverage and assist in applying it to future appointments.

Fetter Health Care Network currently accepts Medicaid, Medicare and most other commercial and private insurances. Patients can view Fetter’s full list of accepted providers on our website. 

Sliding Scale Fees

At Fetter, our team is committed to providing all patients with reliable and affordable health care services, regardless of their ability to pay. Through our sliding fee scale, we are able to offer excellent patient care for medical, dental, and pharmaceutical services, even to those who aren’t able to afford medical expenses

A case management specialist can assist patients in the explanation and navigation of these special payment terms. Sliding scale fee eligibility is figured yearly and can be determined by connecting with a financial eligibility specialist. 

To learn more about case management and other Fetter patient services or schedule your next wellness visit, visit us online at or call us at 843-722-4112.